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Invitation to Family Doctors and Specialists

The Aylmer Health Coop is looking for family doctors who are interested in being part of a new initiative in community medicine aimed at providing the western sector of Gatineau with effective walk-in services along with the acceptance of new patients by our doctors. The Coop is providing its facilities that are already furnished and equipped for this purpose in its building at 67 rue du Couvent in Old Aylmer.

This invitation is also extended to doctors who are interested in bringing their services closer to their patients in this sector by renting office space at our location.

Administrative and other support services may be provided.

(819-684-8883; dufourvalerie@videotron.ca )

Please contact the Coop at 819-684-7574 or at infocsa@coopsa.org


Last update: 2016 March 1st

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