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Our Coop

Who are we?

Citizens, doctors and health profesionnals have created a multi-stakeholder cooperative to improve community health care sevices within the Aylmer sector of the City of Gatineau.



Improve community health care services within the Aylmer sector of the City of Gatineau.

Three main objectives

  1. Resources: Give doctors and professionals the best conditions possible to deliver health services and recruit new doctors and professionals;
  2. Tech-Level: Improve the technical level;
  3. Strength: Bring together a representative strength.



Doctors and health profesionnals

The Aylmer Health Coop became the owner of the Aylmer-Lucerne Medical Center in January 2004. This acquisition and new investments in the infrastructure and equipment will contribute to a better medical practice and the development of new services.

Our "Turnkey" concept will promote keeping doctors and professionals in our community and will encourage the establishment of new doctors and professionals in the Aylmer sector of the City of Gatineau.


Improving the technical level

Year 1 (2004) :

Acquire the necessary equipment to allow better monitoring of:

  1. pulmonary illnesses (pulse oximeter) and;
  2. cardiac illnesses (hypertension monitoring 24 hours, Holter – ECG 24 hours).

Over the next three years (2004 - 2007) :

  1. Bringing into operation a pregnancy clinic;
  2. Improve radiology services:
    a) mammograms
    b) ultrasounds
  3. Bringing into operation a health travel clinic:
    a) consultation
    b) injection of vaccines
  4. Expand the clinic's emergency services and the opening hours in order to become a more complete out-patient center.

Aylmer Health Coop
67 Du Couvent
Gatineau, Quebec
J9H 6A2
Phone: 819-684-7574
E-mail: infocsa@coopsa.org

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